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To provide you with the highest quality result, you should send/upload any logos in the highest quality. Logos should be a single colour for laser or rotary engraving. Vector images are preferred as the outlines of each object in a logo are sharp and defined.

The best file types are .eps (encapsulated postscript) or .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file. We can also import PDF, DXF and DWG files.

About Vector Art

Some useful tips to follow when you send electronic files for output.
Vector art is scalable, it does not matter how large the art becomes, it will always have crisp edges, whereas bitmap artwork (jpg and png) will become low resolution when scaled upwards. Vector artwork is usually created in programs such as Coreldraw or Adobe Illustrator.
If you are sending any text be sure it becomes a graphic before sending, otherwise you run the risk of font substitution when opened at our end.
If using Illustrator, turn your fonts into OUTLINES or in CorelDraw use the EXPORT as CURVES function or convert text to curves, then save as a EPS or AI file. This will turn your text into Vector Art and ensure you are supplied with what you originally designed.
PDF’s can also be used, however be sure to convert all your text into curves so any text is again a graphic.

You should also design to the actual size required.

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