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Stainless Steel Plaques

Stainless Steel engraving is the toughest process that industrial engravers encounter. Fortunately for us we have the latest in laser engraving equipment that will etch any design including logos and crests onto stainless steel in the finest detail. Commemorative plaques, building opening plaques and identification plates and tags are the most common products we produce using stainless steel.

You can select stainless steel in thicknesses of 1.2mm, 2mm and 3mm. Your artwork design will determine how much heat will be generated during the laser engraving process, the more heat the thicker the stainless steel must be.

You can also select from the following range of 2mm thick brushed stainless steel plaques, design online yourself then order. To order other sizes of plaques please email, we will slowly add other plaque materials/options to this page.