Yeti Engraving

Personalised Yeti Coolers

Bring your Yeti in to add personalised graphics and text. Sending us an email with the design you want for your Yeti is the first step. We will then engrave your Yeti after sending you a design proof.

A Yeti can be engraved for $40 including GST for one side with any wording and an optional image. Allow $60.00, GST included, if you want both sides engraved.

Yeti Engraving

Don’t have your Yeti Yet?

Since we do a lot of engraving on Yetis, we asked Yeti Australia if we could stock the Yeti range of drink coolers for engraving. The answer was a big no! In addition the Yeti guarantee will be void if we engraved them.

Oddly enough, Yeti Australia engrave Yeti’s the same way we do, and warranties are still valid. Go figure?

If you want a yeti go ahead and buy one and we will engrave it for you. Available from Tackle World, Compleat Angler, BCF, Atherton Gas & Camping, Cairns Hardware, or Innisfail Hardware if you are dead set on acquiring one.

The Yeti Alternative

We decided to create our brand of beer coolers and water bottles because we are unable to stock Yetis. We supply the beer cooler with engraving for $45.00, including GST, and they are known as SEAL coolers.

Yeti Engraving

Are Seal can coolers comparable to the original Yeti?

They appear to be! We sent one to Marlin Coast Brewing to test ice-cold beer cans in a Yeti and Seal side by side in order to gain an unbiased assessment. Guess what? Exact same drop in temperature over time.

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